Business coaching in EnglishStol MCL lille

Maiken Claudi Lassen has a masters degree in international business, has studied and worked abroad for two years, and several years of experience of coaching in English. With experience from several international Fortune 200 companies, such as Maersk and Nestlé, coachees have come with topics covering challenges from leading a cross-cultural or virtual team, to how to accelerate international careers in a new country.

At Coaching Talent you will find a coach who:

1. Focuses on results. You set a goal; coaching is a success when you reach your goal

2. Challenges you. Business coaching is more than a talk with a good friend

During the first session you set your goal and we explore whether I can help you rmaikeneach it.

If you will like to learn more contact me for a complementary first session at mobile: +45 21317138 or mail: info@coachingtalent.dk.